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Golden Carers provides support and inspiration to Activity Coordinators working in senior care.  They offer so many free resources and additional ones available for a low cost membership fee.  Save time with thousands of meaningful ideas that make your job easier!

Sue is Certified by AGEucate™ Training Institute as a Master Trainer for both Dementia Live™ and Compassionate Touch®. Call Sue at 512-799-5043 to discuss which option(s) listed below are best for you, your care community, residents and family members. Pricing and Scheduling information available.

Call Sue to come to your care community and conduct Dementia Live™ Experience and Empowerment Sessions and Compassionate Touch® protocols for your staff and family members.​ These programs are offered as in-service training programs, as CEU programs, and as Coach Training!  Have your care community become a Dementia Live™ and/or Compassionate Touch® Certified Organization. 

Dementia Live™ White Paper

An Experiential Program for Enhanced Dementia Awareness and Empowered Care-partnering for Professionals and Family Members!

​​For new and inspiring dementia friendly material, white papers, and up-to-date national and international news news pertaining to care-partnering individuals living with dementia, visit the website.

360 Elder Solutions, LLC

Sue S. Wilson,  Licensed Master Social Worker, Care Consultant, Dementia Care Educator & Advocate

Call 512-799-5043 or email

Sue is a current member of the DAA Sub-committee on resident well-being. 

Compassionate Touch® White Paper

A person-centered set of protocols designed to help you connect with individuals, ease distress, reduce pain and enhance calm. 

Sue will come to your care community to conduct inservice-training programs for your staff. Sue's training is interactive and fun! There is time for discussion and valuable practice! 

Teepa Snow - Positive Approach to Care (PAC) - For Great Tools and Resources for families and Professional Care-partners, click on the link below and start exploring!

Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Care

​​​​​​360 Elder Solutions, LLC

Sue is available to help you understand the changes in conditions and abilities that you are seeing in a loved one with dementia and show you effective skills and strategies for positive communication and care giving. Sue will also help you navigate the options for community care to make informed, compassionate choices.

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