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Composite of comments from training of LVN Nursing Students

"Great workshop, lots of helpful information. Thank you for coming and sharing this presentation with our class." "Very good explaining - we hope to see you more often." "Very informative lecture, enjoyed class participation and video." "Very good at explaining the material."

Composite of comments from recent in-service training at Cherry Creek Nursing Home 

“I enjoyed the class it was a great wakeup call”. “Good training”.  “Great class”. “Thank you”. “The instructor were very friendly professional”. “Excellent job”.  “Excellent training”. “Excellent presentation topic”, “I learned a lot from this training. Now I feel a lot more compassion for my residents. Thank you!!”

Composite of comments from other recent training sessions are being compiled for upload.

Testimonials from healthcare professionals and customer service and quality assurance staff.

Testimonials from family members, health care professionals and commercial business employees.

Testimonials from Family Members

I will be forever thankful to Sue Wilson for all her assistance in helping me to care for both of my parents. 

I initially contacted Sue when it came time to transition my parents from independent living to memory care.  Sue’s knowledge, insight and guidance were extremely valuable in helping me locate an appropriate care facility.  She contacted several facilities on my behalf and arranged to have their staff visit my dad while he was an inpatient in a rehab hospital.  Sue also went with me to interview and tour several memory care facilities.  It was her coaching and support that enabled me to place my parents in a facility that I felt provided the quality and level of care that my parents needed and deserved.  The benefit of knowing that my parents were being well cared for relieved some stress from my own life.

Sue Wilson is a wonderful advocate and an amazing source of information for anyone who may have a family member suffering with memory loss.  She can help make a difficult journey a little easier.

Thank you Sue, for all that you have done for my parents, my family and myself.

Wayne Booth

Austin, Texas


Sue thank you so much for all the help and encouragement that you gave me through our e-mails and during our phone conversation.  Your advice and suggestions on how to deal with my husband, who is experiencing dementia, were very helpful.  I appreciate you answering my e-mails promptly and setting up a time that we could talk on the phone. Thank you, also, for the information on “Creating Collages”. Thanks again for everything.  

Cassie K.

Williamsburg, Virginia

"Recently my grandparents moved into separate living facilities several hours away from the rest of our family. Since they do not use cell phones or computers, I was struggling with ways to keep engaged and feel included. Sue provided thoughtful methods to connect with them that have made a huge and positive impact on our family's relationship!"

Taylor Villarreal 

Recent Graduate of The University of Texas at Austin 

"Twice in recent years Sue Wilson assisted and guided me through the elder care process.  Two years ago my friend Cecelia was suffering from Lymphoma, a disease of the immune system.  When her disease reached crisis stage, I quickly realized that we could no longer care for her at home.  With the advice and assistance of Ms. Wilson, I was able to place Cecelia in a top quality nursing facility that could provide the necessary care and comfort in her last days"

"During the last years of my mother's life Sue taught me invaluable methods to provide Mom a nurturing environment, including compassionate touch and the beauty of music to reach an elder. This year, my mother, at 93 years young, needed more care than we could provide her in a home setting; home nursing care had begun to drain her finances.  Ms. Wilson's explanation of Medicare and Medicaid rules assisted me greatly in planning my mom's future. She provided me tools with which to investigate nursing and assisted living facilities, including the right questions to ask when interviewing a potential facility. Her advice was critical in Mom's evaluation and placement. Ms. Wilson's expertise, guidance and compassion were invaluable during one of the most stressful times any family can experience - placement of a parent in a safe, healthy environment."

Kathryn R. Mullen
Attorney at Law

"Sue Wilson understands aging as well as end-of-life issues families face in a way that is both educational and soothing to the soul of the family. Knowing what is normal change verses what needs attention is critical information Sue has that most of us lack, giving families piece of mind in a sometimes tumultuous situation.

When I was faced with my mother finally needing more support than I could give while she lived independently, Sue was able to help me identify and assess our options. She also had the amazing ability to discuss it with my mother in ways that allowed us to have thoughtful conversations. Prior to that my mother shut down when I attempted to talk about options.

Later, when my mother was nearing the end of her life, Sue again was able to help my brother and I understand the process, hire a hospice agency that matched my mother's needs, and navigate the unknown waters we found ourselves. I felt the same type of responsibility and guilt trying to help my mother navigate her final years as I did when my children were very young and I was interviewing caregivers to help me. I knew I needed help; but I was overwhelmed with worry about making a bad choice because another's life was in my hands. 

Hiring Sue was the best thing I ever did. She helped me make informed choices and allowed my brother and I to focus on our mom, rather than on the details we knew so little about.

I will always feel indebted to Sue's knowledge, kindness, and counsel during this period of my life."

Amy Beilharz,
Harvard MBA