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Do you need help understanding the changes you are seeing in the cognitive and functional abilities of your loved one?

Are you wondering what to do next to help support their abilities and meet their needs? 

If yes, call Sue TODAY at 512-799-5043 for a free, 30-minute initial consultation.

If your aging parent wants to remain at home, I am available to help:
  • Explain changes in conditions, needs and abilities to expect over time,
  • Provide you with doable tools and techniques to communicate and respond in positive ways designed to reduce distress and enhance calm.
  • Instruct you and your professional caregivers on everyday activities that add meaning and joy for your loved one.
  • Locate and coordinate the right fit of home care services.

If your loved one needs community care, I am available to help:
  • Guide you on how to compare community care options and find the right fit.
  • Advocate for your loved one during care plan meetings and help prepare you for care plan meetings.
  • Provide ideas and meaningful ways for family members and friends to visit and stay engaged as your loved one's condition and abilities change over time. 

Pricing for families: Free Initial consultation - up to 30 minutes.
My rate is negotiable for families based on their need. We will discuss and agree upon a plan. Checks and Credit Cards accepted.

Call Sue at 512-799-5043 or email her at

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Sue S. Wilson,  Licensed Master Social Worker, Certified Dementia Care Consultant and Educator

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